Our company's
Initiatives for the Achievement of SDGs

Through our business activities, we aim to contribute to
the prosperous development of “industry”, “the environment”, and “society”.

With the adoption of SDGs, companies are expected to take an active approach.
We have established a new mission policy <ROKI+challenge>
centered on "industry", "the environment", and "society."
We together with our group companies will promote these missions
toward to achieve our SDGs targets.
We will continue to take on further challenges
toward the realization of a sustainable society.

ROKI+challenge's priority themes

Prosperous Life “Monozukuri” (manufacturing) activities that support living with creativity and technology
The Environment
Beautiful Earth Creation of rich natural global environment in future
Spreading Smiles Creation of society as many people can always smile

Our ROKI+challenge



1.To the safety and security of our customers
We contribute to the safe production of beverages, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals by providing our products and services.
2.To our customers' technological innovations
We contribute to customers' technological innovation through our innovative proposals and services.
3.To the reduction of waste by customers
We contribute to customers' waste reduction through proposals that contribute to improved productivity.

The Environment

1.In the spirit of "Attaramonda (Don't waste)"
We contribute to the reduction of waste by conserving resources through the supply chain.
2.Through the use of sustainable resources
We review petroleum-based raw materials and contribute to the prevention of global warming and marine pollution.


1.Bringing smiles to children
We contribute to solve child poverty and water problems through donations and support activities.
2.Bringing smiles to local residents
We contribute to the revitalization of local communities through employee participation-oriented activities and community-based activities.
3.Bringing smiles to employees
We enhance educational systems and create good working conditions to develop human resources who can contribute to the achievement of SDGs.